Emily Bagley is an artist who uses drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, music, and movement to help others find healing, hope, and peace. Emily is an advocate for art’s ability to communicate, connect with others, and inspire action. She attended Utah State University as a Fine Arts Major, obtained an Associates in Psychology, and graduated with a custom BA from Westminster College in 2021. Emily created a custom major focused on prevention, intervention, and treatment against sexual violence through the arts. To build this custom program, Emily studied principles of education, psychology, sociology, and public health to create a framework that addresses the underlying issues that contribute to sexual violence on an individual, relational, community, organizational, and global scale.


Her passion for community service and art has led her to teach and volunteer with a number of non-profit organizations such as; the International Rescue Committee, the Children's Center, the Ronald McDonald House, Healing Through Art, Salt Lake Arts Academy, Salt Lake’s Rape Recovery Center, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and Safe Harbor Crisis Center.  She served as one of the Community Outreach Coordinators with the Downtown Artist Collective, organizing over 15 arts based events for survivors of sexual trauma. During this time, she also co-founded a women's group, WeCan: Women Encouraging, Caring, and Nurturing, that focuses on helping survivors of sexual trauma tell their stories and heal through art. One of her favorite workshops focused on helping participants learn about their menstrual cycles and how it’s connected to physical, mental, and social health. Due to her own struggles with PMDD and health issues tied to her menstrual cycle, she is passionate about connecting other menstruators in her community with the resources they need to improve the quality of their lives. 


Born in Illinois, Emily has also had the unique opportunity to live in Ohio, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Maryland, and Arizona before calling Utah her home. Her experiences around the world, as well as serving her community in Utah, have taught Emily that everyone wants to be loved, accepted, and understood. She currently lives in Bountiful with her wonderful husband, their spunky daughter, and two adorable dogs. When she’s not working on one of her many projects, Emily enjoys gardening, exploring the great outdoors with her family, and creating any kind of art, music, or food with her loved ones.